silver moons (silver_heiress) wrote in enluminure_rp,
silver moons

Sirius Black, I can't believe I'm talking to you, there is something wrong with your mother. Every year on New Years Eve if she knows I'm staying at school she sends me a fucking bottle of the strongest red wine known to witchkind.

Every year if I'm alone and stupid enough I drink it all. By myself.

If anyone wants me, I'm just going to crawl into bed and die.
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Next year. Um. If this happens again. Let me know and we'll split it.
... yeah, okay.
She's insane, is all.

I'm sure she's only trying to spread seasonal joy while turning you into an alcoholic.
She's batshit crazy, Remus.
She never used to be. Fucking Sirius.
Bella, while I agree that Sirius is responsible for most of the evils in this world - including the extinction of the dinosaurs - Aunt Walburga was always insane.
Only slightly.

The extinction of the dinosaurs??
Scientifically proven.
...Yes, there is that.
You should have told me you would be all alone. I would have kept you company.
I thought that after all the shopping and Milan I'd better let you alone for a while, I suppose.

But... if you're in flooing distance now, I found a potion and I'm feeling much better. Also I think you would be very interested in one of my Christmas presents.

Still at Hogwarts?

Yes. In my dorm.

I'm on my way, gorgeous.
OOC: P.S. We got the go-ahead from Liz.
OOC:YAY! *is excited*
OOC: *giggles* Poor kids. They've no idea what they're in for.
OOC: So, when should she find out she's pregnant?
OOC: Hmmn. I'd say a month, but I'm impatient; a week or two?
OOC: (too lazy to sign back into Luci's lj) Sounds good to me.